What does the AHO do?

The AHO’s projects and activities are based on three main areas: Site Management, Council Support and Education. Each area of concern complements the other areas.

Site Management
The AHO provides assistance to partner Councils and residents in efforts to protect Aboriginal sites in the area. Site management plans, potential area reports, site inspections, site conservation works and monitoring are some of the activities carried out by the AHO.

Council Support
In the field of Council Support the AHO provides assistance to partner Councils to help protect Aboriginal sites in the area. This includes strategic planning issues, development referrals, Council staff training as well as other advice.

The AHO provides free presentations, walks, talks and other activities for the local community as well as local schools within a partner Council boundary, subject to staff availability. The program is designed to inform students about the Aboriginal history and heritage of the local area and how to view the local landscape from an Indigenous perspective.
The AHO museum and keeping place is currently closed due to limitations with the current venue.

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