Reading List

Aboriginal History – Early Sources

  • Bradley, W (1969) A voyage to New South Wales Lieutenant William Bradley RN of HMS Sirius 1786-1792 Sydney, Ure Smith
  • Collins D (1798[1975]) An account of the English Colony in New South Wales (Vol 1)
  • Flannery T ed (1996) Watkin Tench 1788. A narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay and A complete account of the settlement at Port Jackson Melbourne, The Text Company
  • Howitt A W (1904) The native tribes of south-east Australia London, Macmillan
  • White J (1790) Journal of a voyage to new(sic) South Wales Debrett, London

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Aboriginal History – Later Sources

  • Aboriginal Heritage Office (2015) Filling a Void: A Review for the Historical Context for the use of the Word ‘Gurgingai’ Aboriginal Heritage Office
  • Ellis J A (1994) Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Harperschools
  • Goodall H (1996) Invasion to Embassy. Land in Aboriginal Politics in New South Wales, 1770-1972 St Leondards, Allen & Unwin
  • Gammage B (2011) The Biggest Estate on Earth, How Aborigines Made Australia Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin
  • Kenny J (1973) (1973) Bennelong, first notable aboriginal Royal Australian Historical Society
  • Lawlor R (1991) Voices of the First Day. Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime Rochester, Inner Traditions International
  • Pascoe B (2014) Dark Emu, Magabala Books
  • Reynolds H (1996) Frontier, Aborigines, Settlers and Land (Reissue), St Leondards, Allen & Unwin
  • Currie J (2008) Bo-ra-ne Ya-goo-na Par-ry-boo-go Yesterday Today Tomorrow: An Aboriginal History of Willoughby Willoughby City Council
  • Grant S (2019) Australia Day, Harper Collins
  • Troy J (2019) The Sydney Language, AIATSIS

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Aboriginal People, Australian Archaeology, Books, etc

  • Attenbrow, V (2010) Sydney’s Aboriginal Past. Investigating the archaeological and historical records 2nd ed, UNSW Press
  • Bird Rose, D (2002) Country of the Heart. An Indigenous Australian Homeland, Aboriginal Studies Press
  • Donaldson, I and T, Donaldson eds (1985) Seeing the first Australians Sydney, George Allen and Unwin
  • Flood J (1990) The Riches of Ancient Australia. An indispensable guide for exploring Prehistoric Australia St Lucia, University of Queensland Press
  • Griffiths B (2019) Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering Ancient Australia, Black Inc Books
  • Kijas, J (2005) Revival, Renewal & Return. Ray Kelly & the NSW Sites of Significance Survey, DEC
  • Koch H and L Hercus (eds) (2009) Aboriginal Place Names, Naming and Re-naming the Australian Landscape ANU E Press and Aboriginal History
  • Jones R (1969) Fire-stick farming. Australian Natural History 16(7) : 224-28
  • Langford R (1983) ‘Our heritage – your playground’, Australian Archaeology 16 : 1-6
  • Mowaljarlai D and C Peck (1987) ‘Ngarinyin cultural continuity: a project to teach the young people the culture, including the re-painting of Wandjina rock art sites’, Australian Aboriginal Studies 2 : 71-8
  • Mowaljarlai D (1993) Yorro Yorro: Everything Standing Up Alive, Magabala Books
  • Mowaljarlai D, P Vinnicombe, G K Ward, C Chippendale (1988) ‘Repainting of images on rock in Australia and the maintenance of Aboriginal culture’, Antiquity 62(237) : 690-6
  • Mulvaney D J (1975) The Prehistory of Australia Penguin Books
  • Robinson, CJ, Barber, M, Hill, R, Gerrard, E, James, G (2016). Protocols for Indigenous fire management partnerships, CSIRO, Brisbane.
  • Stanbury P and J Clegg (1990) A Field Guide to Aboriginal Rock Engravings Oxford University Press, Melbourne
  • Turbet P (1989) The Aborigines of the Sydney district before 1788 Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst

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Legal Issues

  • Bachelard M (1997) The Great Land Grab Hyland House
  • Behrendt L, et al (2019) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Relations 2, Oxford University Press.
  • Butt P and R Eagleson (1996) Mabo. What the High Court said and what the government did 2nd Edition. The Federation Press

General Reading

  • Gulpilil
    Author: Rielly, Derek
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
    ISBN: 9781760784973
    Pages: 256
    Publication Date: 24 September 2019
    He is a Yolngu man. Unlike many Indigenous people of his generation, Gulpilil spent his childhood in the bush, outside the range of non-Aboriginal influences.
  • Australia Day
    Published: 15th April 2019
    ISBN: 9781460753187
    Drawn from a collection of essays and speeches, the new volume ‘‘joins the dots’’ of these writings through reflections on land, family, race, history and nation: five things that, he suggests, go to the heart of his identity.
  • On Identity
    Stan Grant
    Published: 7th May 2019
    ISBN: 9780522875522
    Bestselling author Stan Grant explores how identity is being hijacked to incite hate.

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