Information on Volunteer Site Monitoring

What Is A Volunteer Site Monitor?

Monitoring a siteOur volunteer site monitors are community members living within our member council areas. They have been trained to locate, monitor and report on the condition of the Aboriginal heritage site that they have been allocated. Becoming a Volunteer Site Monitor is a great way to learn about how Aboriginal people would have lived in this area. Volunteers are allocated a heritage site that they then monitor for any change, damage or potential risk to the site.

Sites are allocated to suit individual’s location, fitness and transport arrangements. Volunteers can monitor their allocated site at anytime that suits them and there is no minimum requirement for the number of visits (although we do aim to have sites monitored at least every six months).

Participants of all ages, professions, fitness levels and background knowledge are welcome.


How Do I Become a Volunteer Site Monitor?

Monitoring Aboriginal Sites around SydneyThe program has been temporarily suspended [July 2018]. Current monitors may still continue monitoring and submit forms through the usual channels. Responses will be when time permits. For urgent issues, email us at



Find out more by having a look at our Volunteer Introduction Video.