What's On in North Sydney

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Saturday 26 October

AHO Supports Children’s Festival Civic Park North Sydney

The AHO will be speaking and telling stories at the Children's Day in Civic Park North Sydney All children Welcome Saturday 26 Oct 2019 at 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM North Sydney Council’s Ridge Street Carpark.
Civic Park - 200 Miller Street, North Sydney - is bordered by Stanton Library, North Sydney Council Chambers and North Sydney Community Centre. Jess Gledhill 9936 8100
Monday 28 October

Meditation – Mind the Mind

It happens at the end of December, but we won't say it. Prepare now - a short, 3 week intensive pre-season Mind the Mind meditation course. At Freshwater, Sydney's Northern Beaches, on 28th Oct, 4th and 11th November 2019. Includes brief instructions and guided meditations - suitable for new and seasoned meditators. 6.30pm - 7.30pm (Cost: free) Manly-Freshwater Meditation Group (www.vajrayana.com.au)
AHO-29 Lawrence St Freshwater Phil Hunt phil108@bigpond.net.au
Monday 28 October

AHO Gives Presentation North Sydney Demonstration School

The AHO will be giving 2 Presentations at the North Sydney Demonstration School in support of their unit of work
North Sydney Demonstration School Not Open to the Public
Saturday 16 November

AHO Guides Walk for North Sydney Council

The AHO will be conducting a Guided Walk for North Sydney Council and the Sustainability Centre Meet Coal Loader Cottage front veranda 1.30 - 3.00 pm
Coal Loader Contact Rebecca Farrell 9936 8226
Wednesday 20 November


The AHO will be holding their final Yarn Up for 2019 Wednesday November 20th 2019 Dee Why Council Chambers Arrive 6.30  Light refreshments provided Bookings and enquiries: aho@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au   Jakelin Troy is a Ngarigu woman from the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, and Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research at The University of Sydney. She is the author of The Sydney Language. Her lively talk will inform you about local Aboriginal languages and the importance of keeping languages alive. Use the link to download or print Flyer Yarn Up Flyer Jakelin Troy 20 November 2019
Dee Why Council Chambers aho@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au