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Monday 20 August

AHO will be Addressing a Vietnamese Government Delegation

The AHO will be giving a presentation and a guided walk to a Vietnamese Government Environmental Organisation
Coal Loader & Sustainability Centre Not Open to the Public
Monday 20 August

Meditation-Happy Mind, Happy Life!

Weekly meditation Monday evenings following the 16 Guidelines, 'How We Think, Act, Relate & Find Meaning'. The 16 Guidelines come from the inspirational values and principles that the great 7th century Tibetan King, Songtsen Gampo, introduced to his people - methods and tools "to make life better". They played a crucial part in changing Tibet from a warlike nation into a civilization renowned for its peace and serenity. To transform the way we experience the world, we transform the way we Think, Act, Relate & Find Meaning. Includes brief instructions,  guided meditations and discussion - suitable for new and seasoned meditators. Come any week. 6.30pm - 7.30pm (Cost: free) Manly Meditation Group (www.vajrayana.com.au)
AHO - 1 Pittwater Rd, Manly Phil Hunt phil108@bigpond.net.au