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Yarnupings December 2017

The AHO's Newsletter is out,  the December Christmas issue of AHO Yarnupings. Like a seedling, it popped it's small head out of the soil some months ago and waited for the spring rain. And waited. And waited! When the rain finally came, we thought it would be right to go in September,

Yarn Up 26th July

The Aboriginal Heritage Office is starting up its Yarn Up program on Wednesday the 26th July 2017. Come and join us. Starting at 6pm there'll be a bit of grub and a chance to meet and chat with everyone. There will be a short intoduction from the AHO, then join with us for

Yarnupings June 2017

The AHO's Newsletter is out,  the June Winter issue of AHO Yarnupings. This week is a special one for Indigenous peoples in Australia. May 26th is Sorry Day, May 27th is the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, and this week (beginning May 22nd 2017) has seen a big meeting of Indigenous leaders from