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Yarnuping Education 8

The 1967 referendum occurred after the struggle of many Aboriginal leaders and Aboriginal community members for many years. The following is a brief story about some of these political leaders who supported our community and fought for federal change. Yarnuping Education 8 - Aboriginal Advancement League  

Yarnuping Education 7

June the 3rd is Mabo Day. Mabo day commemorates the courageous efforts of Eddie Koiki Mabo to overturn the fiction of terra nullius. Yarnuping Education 7 - Mabo day

Yarnuping Education 6

Reconciliation Week marks significant dates on the Aboriginal Calendar, and begins on the 27th May and concludes on the 3rd June. May 27 and June 3 are important dates in Australia’s history. Yarnuping Education 6 - Reconciliation Week