Are there Aboriginal sites nearby that I can visit?

In northern Sydney there are literally thousands of sites, but most are not suitable for public visitation. There are a number of sites that Aboriginal custodians and land managers have agreed can be shown to groups and individuals and which are on established walking tracks. These are largely in National Parks, but also in Council reserves and parks. Due to data licensing restrictions and due to the risk of malicious vandalism the AHO does not publish the exact locations of sites to the public.

To visit a site that has been authorised for public access be sure to check the information source. A personal blog or webpage showing the location of sites does not mean it is appropriate to visit that site. If people visit a site that is not being managed for the public it can cause unintended damage and the visit may go against cultural protocols.

Information about sites that may be appropriate to visit in northern Sydney can be found via:

  • NSW National Parks
  • Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • the book Sydney’s Aboriginal Past by Val Attenbrow

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