An Aboriginal History of Willoughby

Book Cover - An Aboriginal History of WilloughbyBo-ra-ne Ya-goo-na Par-ry-boo-go
Yesterday Today Tomorrow: An Aboriginal History of Willoughby

by Jessica Currie

There is a broad gap of history on this vast continent. Most Australians do not even attempt to understand that people with language, customs, rituals, technology, religion and boundaries have occupied this land for tens of thousands of years.

This beautifully written book has been put together to narrow the gap in understanding a small part of Australian history and heritage.

The book explores and traces the Aboriginal history of Willoughby and surrounding areas, taking the reader on a chronological journey, detailing the rich, cultural history of Aboriginal people in the area from creation through to the present day.

Since publication, this book has become a well-used resource not only by the people of Willoughby but also schools, universities, neighbouring Councils and many who have an interest in researching the history of Willoughby from its earliest times.

Copies of the book may borrowed from Willoughby City Council Libraries and other local libraries in the region. You can also download a copy via Willoughby’s resources page.

Bo-ra-ne Ya-goo-na Par-ry-boo-go was funded by Willoughby City Council and the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts through the Indigenous Heritage Program, was developed in consultation with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and was directed by the Aboriginal Heritage Office. The author gratefully acknowledges the contribution of many Aboriginal people who gave time and told stories to help bring Willoughby’s past to life.