Reading List

Aboriginal History – Early Sources

  • Bradley, W (1969) A voyage to New South Wales Lieutenant William Bradley RN of HMS Sirius 1786-1792 Sydney, Ure Smith
  • Collins D (1798[1975]) An account of the English Colony in New South Wales (Vol 1)
  • Flannery T ed (1996) Watkin Tench 1788. A narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay and A complete account of the settlement at Port Jackson Melbourne, The Text Company
  • Howitt A W (1904) The native tribes of south-east Australia London, Macmillan
  • White J (1790) Journal of a voyage to new(sic) South Wales Debrett, London

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Aboriginal History – Later Sources

  • Aboriginal Heritage Office (2015) Filling a Void: A Review for the Historical Context for the use of the Word ‘Gurgingai’ Aboriginal Heritage Office
  • Ellis J A (1994) Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Harperschools
  • Goodall H (1996) Invasion to Embassy. Land in Aboriginal Politics in New South Wales, 1770-1972 St Leondards, Allen & Unwin
  • Gammage B (2011) The Biggest Estate on Earth, How Aborigines Made Australia Crows Nest, Allen & Unwin
  • Karskens, G (2020) People of the River Lost worlds of early Australia, Allen & Unwin
  • Kenny J (1973) (1973) Bennelong, first notable aboriginal Royal Australian Historical Society
  • Lawlor R (1991) Voices of the First Day. Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime Rochester, Inner Traditions International
  • Pascoe B (2014) Dark Emu, Magabala Books
  • Reynolds H (1996) Frontier, Aborigines, Settlers and Land (Reissue), St Leondards, Allen & Unwin
  • Currie J (2008) Bo-ra-ne Ya-goo-na Par-ry-boo-go Yesterday Today Tomorrow: An Aboriginal History of Willoughby Willoughby City Council
  • Grant S (2019) Australia Day, Harper Collins
  • Troy J (2019) The Sydney Language, AIATSIS

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Aboriginal People, Australian Archaeology, Books, etc

  • Attenbrow, V (2010) Sydney’s Aboriginal Past. Investigating the archaeological and historical records 2nd ed, UNSW Press
  • Bird Rose, D (2002) Country of the Heart. An Indigenous Australian Homeland, Aboriginal Studies Press
  • Denborough, D (2020) Unsettling Australian Histories: Letters to ancestry from a great-great-grandson, Dulwich Centre Foundation
  • Donaldson, I and T, Donaldson eds (1985) Seeing the first Australians Sydney, George Allen and Unwin
  • Flood J (1990) The Riches of Ancient Australia. An indispensable guide for exploring Prehistoric Australia St Lucia, University of Queensland Press
  • Griffiths B (2019) Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering Ancient Australia, Black Inc Books
  • Kijas, J (2005) Revival, Renewal & Return. Ray Kelly & the NSW Sites of Significance Survey, DEC
  • Koch H and L Hercus (eds) (2009) Aboriginal Place Names, Naming and Re-naming the Australian Landscape ANU E Press and Aboriginal History
  • Jones R (1969) Fire-stick farming. Australian Natural History 16(7) : 224-28
  • Langford R (1983) ‘Our heritage – your playground’, Australian Archaeology 16 : 1-6
  • Mowaljarlai D and C Peck (1987) ‘Ngarinyin cultural continuity: a project to teach the young people the culture, including the re-painting of Wandjina rock art sites’, Australian Aboriginal Studies 2 : 71-8
  • Mowaljarlai D (1993) Yorro Yorro: Everything Standing Up Alive, Magabala Books
  • Mowaljarlai D, P Vinnicombe, G K Ward, C Chippendale (1988) ‘Repainting of images on rock in Australia and the maintenance of Aboriginal culture’, Antiquity 62(237) : 690-6
  • Mulvaney D J (1975) The Prehistory of Australia Penguin Books
  • Robinson, CJ, Barber, M, Hill, R, Gerrard, E, James, G (2016). Protocols for Indigenous fire management partnerships, CSIRO, Brisbane.
  • Stanbury P and J Clegg (1990) A Field Guide to Aboriginal Rock Engravings Oxford University Press, Melbourne
  • Turbet P (1989) The Aborigines of the Sydney district before 1788 Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst

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Legal Issues

  • Bachelard M (1997) The Great Land Grab Hyland House
  • Behrendt L, et al (2019) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Relations 2, Oxford University Press.
  • Butt P and R Eagleson (1996) Mabo. What the High Court said and what the government did 2nd Edition. The Federation Press

Good Reading

  • Gulpilil
    Derek Reilly
    Published: September 2019
    ISBN: 9781760784973
    He is a Yolngu man. Unlike many Indigenous people of his generation, Gulpilil spent his childhood in the bush, outside the range of non-Aboriginal influences.
  • Australia Day
    Published: April 2019
    ISBN: 9781460753187
    Drawn from a collection of essays and speeches, the new volume ‘‘joins the dots’’ of these writings through reflections on land, family, race, history and nation: five things that, he suggests, go to the heart of his identity.
  • On Identity
    Stan Grant
    Published: May 2019
    ISBN: 9780522875522
    Bestselling author Stan Grant explores how identity is being hijacked to incite hate.
  • Fire Country
    Victor Steffensen
    Published: February 2020
    ISBN: 9781741177268
    If you would like to know why modern fire management doesn’t work and you would like to see why cultural burning with deep traditional ecological roots is working, this is the book to read. An essential for anyone involved in land management, bush regeneration, fire management, conservation, farming and government.
  • First Footprints
    Scott Cane
    Published: October 2013
    ISBN: 9781743314937
    For those wishing to further their knowledge of Australia’s Aboriginal people this is truly illuminating (the TV series is also fabulous).


Jarjums Reading

  • Back On Country
    Adam Goodes & Ellie Laing
    Publisher: A&U Childrens
    Published: November 2022
    ISBN: 9781761185496
  • Our Home, Our Heartbeat
    Adam “BRIGGS” Briggs
    Publisher: Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing
    Published: May 2020
    ISBN: 9781760504168
  • Come Together: Things Every Aussie Kid Should Know
    about the First Peoples
    Isaiah Firebrace
    Publisher: Hardie Grant Explore
    Published: November 2022
    ISBN: 9781741178166


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