360 Virtual Tours

Welcome to the Aboriginal Heritage Office’s 360 Virtual Tours.

Learn more about rock art and engraving sites, and shell midden sites and coastal erosion. With our virtual tours you can explore what they are, and the ways that we can all help to protect them.

To learn how to use the 360 tours, use the links below.

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Rock Art and Engravings 360 Tour

There are around 140 rock art and 240 engraving sites that the AHO monitors within the six partner councils. These sites are found all over Sydney. Take a tour around some of the local sites to learn more about the rock art and engraving sites that you might see around the area. To view in Fullscreen, click the options menu (see instructions for how).

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Midden and Coastal Erosion 360

There are also around 240 sites right on the foreshore that the AHO monitors within the six partner councils. You have probably walked passed or over shell midden sites without even realising their significance. Take a tour around some of these foreshore sites to learn more about what midden sites are, and what human and natural impacts might affect them. To view in Fullscreen, click the options menu (see instructions for how).

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How to use the 360 Virtual Tours

The 360 tour is very simple to use. Here is some help for those who may be unfamiliar with this particular platform.

In the top right corner, there are three buttons for how you wish to view the tour.


VR Mode

VR mode is compatible with VR headsets, and allows for a more immersive experience (if you don’t know what a VR headset is, you probably haven’t got one, so go to the next help section). If using a VR headset with your mobile phone, click the google icon in the top right corner, and put your phone into your device.


This displays the title of the 360 tour you are currently viewing.

Options Menu

The options menu allows you to choose Fullscreen mode, making the tour larger to fit your whole screen. It also allows you to turn the Hotspots (the interactive pictures) on and off, and to share the 360 video through social media.

To navigate around the 360 panoramas, use your finger, your mouse by clicking and dragging, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can use the arrows displayed on the panoramas or the menu at the bottom of the screen to move between the 360 photos.

Make sure when you are moving around the tour to click on the floating icons. Hover over the icons for tool tips.

Some are photos, some give information about the role of the AHO, and some will take you to other pages on our website.

Thanks to NSW Government Heritage Near Me Program, and the AHO partner councils, Ku-ring-gai Council, Lane Cove Council, Northern Beaches Council, North Sydney Council, Strathfield Council and Willoughby City Council.

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