Sacred Footsteps Tour Coming to Northbridge!

Tuesday 28th July – Sunday 2nd August 2009

The Aboriginal Heritage Office (AHO) is pleased to welcome Geshe Sonam Thargye and the other Tibetan monks of Sacred Footsteps from the Roof of the World to Northbridge on their 2009 Australian tour. The AHO is hosting the monks, who will create a traditional Tibetan sand mandala over 6 days as well as many other activities.

Monks creating sand mandala


What is a sand mandala? Geshe Sonam explains:

 “The mandala is a representation of an enlightened being’s place of residence and everything that is contained within it. Each part of the mandala is rich in symbolism and reminds the meditator of the insights and states of mind and feelings he/she is trying to accomplish. 

The exact design and proportions are laid down in ancient Buddhist text. The monks have memorised the text and carefully follow the canonical iconography. Every part of the mandala symbolises different aspects of the teachings and the realisations of the enlightened being whose mandala it is.

Made by pouring fine trails of brightly coloured sand onto a mathematically precise framework, the mandala is a wonder of intricacy and detail. After completion, the whole beautiful creation is swept away in a matter of seconds and returned to the waters or the earth to remind us that all things are impermanent”.

Geshe Sonam

Please come and visit the office during this time and soak in the monks’ calm as they prepare this mandala for world peace. There will also be morning chanting and meditation, which we will confirm later so stay tuned.

Sacred Footsteps from the Roof of the World ~ Australian Tour 2009
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