Yarnupings Newsletter

The AHO produces a reasonably regular newsletter, ‘Yarnupings’, for AHO volunteers and supporters in northern Sydney and Strathfield. Information includes quizzes, walks, recipes, news, articles and opinion about the wonderful and strange world we live in.

Yarnupings September 2020

Yarnupings Issue 3 September 2020

This issue focuses on the theme of food. There may have been an extra kilo or two sneak up on us during Covid time, so we thought we’d take a look at food from Aboriginal Australia.We write about the amazing Saltwater Women of Sydney, look at some tools used in the collection of food, ponder the way we view food and what to do if you’re out in the field and are recording food found in the archaeological record.

Yarnupings June 2020

Yarnupings Issue 2 June 2020

This edition looks at the first Australian pandemic, hearth and home, educational resources, national volunteer week, book reviews, quizzes and more.

Yarnupings March 2020

Yarnupings Issue 1 March 2020

This edition looks at cultural burning, volunteer of the month, AHO museum guided tours, the Schools Dig Program, 20 years of the AHO, Year of the Plant and more.

Yarnupings November 2019

Yarnupings_Issue 4_Nov_2019

November we look at the Coastal Erosion Project, the real Gringai country, a visit to Noongah Country, 360 photography tours, whispers from the museum, a different perspective on Uluru, a walk in Willoughby Council and more.

Yarnupings June 2019

Yarnupings_Issue 3_June_2019

A new museum exhibit, the Brewarrina Fish Traps, NAIDOC Week, David Unaipon, rainy day ideas, track of the month and unraveling mysteries of old site cards are some of the items in this edition.

Yarnupings March 2019

 Yarnupings Issue 2 March 2019

This is our 19th birthday issue! We look at the AHO in perspective, the mapping massacres website, track of the month and more.

Yarnupings February 2019

Yarnupings Feb 2019

Yarnupings Issue 1 Feb 2019

We welcome in the new year and have a look at our new home, Freshwater…

Yarnupings March 2018

Yarnupings Issue 1 March 2018

Shell fish hooks, new finds in Strathfield, how Aboriginal people could be discriminated on being too Aboriginal or not Aboriginal enough, the Koori Knockout, and more.

Yarnupings December 2017

Yarnupings Dec 2017

Yarnupings Issue 2 December 2017

Summer. We welcome Ed to the team, a visit to Broome, the ingenuity of humans past and present, a lighter side of a day in the life of the AHO, the NSW heritage reforms, crossword and quiz and the usual.

Yarnupings June 2017

Yarnupings AHO June 2017 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 1 June 2017

A look at mapping sites, the AHO volunteer program, the 1967 referendum, in intern’s insights and a collection of fun activities.

Yarnupings December 2016

Yarnupings AHO December 2016 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 3 December
Strathfield Council joins the AHO partnership, a summary of what the AHO is, an example of why we do what we do, a look at a continental myth, some Indigenous commentators and media, book reviews, Christmas stories, quizzes and more.

Yarnupings October 2016

Yarnupings AHO October 2016 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 2 October 2016

A brief history of legislation affecting Aboriginal people, how to get less lost in the bush, education round up, book reviews, quizzes and more.

Yarnupings April 2016

Yarnupings AHO Oct 2016 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 1 April 2016

Photo tips for volunteers, epistemology, Festival time, quizerama, bush food of the month and more.

Yarnupings December 2015

Yarnupings Issue 4 Dec 2015

Volunteer snapshot, an intern’s insights, the importance of site location location location, a look at spring, God and smartphones, and we find where Gareth has been.

Yarnupings October 2015

Yarnupings Issue 3 October 2015

Tips for AHO volunteer monitors, what is a local, the seasons, questions from students in Denmark and quizzes galore.

Yarnupings July 2015

Yarnupings Issue 2 July 2015

We farewell Gareth our vols coordinator and general rouse-about, a look at outer and inner heritage from the perspective of the Nepal earthquakes, and a wrap on this year’s Festival.


Yarnupings December 2014

Yarnupings AHO Dec 2014 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 6 December 2014

A colourful wrap of the year’s activities, including the coastal erosion project.

Yarnupings November 2014

Yarnupings AHO Nov 2014 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 5 November 2014

A look at the idea of an unchanging land, fact or fiction, a visit to the World Parks Congress, and to Berry Island.

Yarnupings October 2014

Yarnupings AHO October 2014 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 4 October 2014

Nearly 15 years of the AHO, bush foods, who was Bennelong, hello from some interns and track of the month.


Yarnupings August 2014

Yarnupings Issue 3 August 2014 
A history of site recording in NSW, cookin’ up a storm, track of the month

Yarnupings June 2014

Yarnupings AHO June 2014 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 2 June 2014
Mabo Day, possum cloaks, a visit from the NSW Judicial Commission, the AHO moves to Manly, track of the month and more

Yarnupings March 2014

Yarnupings AHO March 2014 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 1 March 2014
Day of Mourning and Protest, a debate about re-grooving rock engravings, reflections from our Education Officer, shells in a midden, track of the month and more

Yarnupings November 2013

Yarnupings AHO Nov 2013 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 6 November 2013
An award for the volunteer program, a yarn up, an exotic take on Native Title, the Tranby family, in fear of the field, movie review and more

Yarnupings October 2013

Yarnupings AHO Oct 2013 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 5 October 2013
Someone finds an interesting bone, life in the defence forces, introducing the interns, quizzes, recipes and more

Yarnupings September 2013

Yarnupings AHO Sept 2013 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 4 September 2013
Flowers and bushland fire management, fire management Top End style, a look at R.H. Matthews, the AHO gets another award, recipes, vols wrap and more

Yarnupings August 2013

Yarnupings AHO Aug 2013 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 3 August 2013
The past repeating, Festival feedback, a loot at W.D. Campbell recorder of rock engravings, intern insights, winners of our design comp and more

Yarnupings June 2013

Yarnupings AHO June 2013 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 2 June 2013
Notes from Tasmania, intern insights, God and lawns, the AHO’s new recording device, recipes and more

Yarnupings April 2013

Yarnupings AHO April 2012 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 1 April 2013
A hello from an old North Sydney friend, Indigenous surfers, site predictions, and more

Yarnupings December 2012

Yarnupings AHO December 2012 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 9 December 2012
A look at skin, a galactic perspective, our new intern, Aboriginal war commemoration, recipes, quizzes and more

Yarnupings November 2012

Yarnupings AHO Nov 2012 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 8 November 2012
Why not to get kidney stones, discrimination and projection, insights into Aboriginal life, Gulgadya Muru and Manly Dam, track of the month and more

Yarnupings September 2012

Yarnupings AHO Sept 2012 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 7 September 2012
Volunteer site monitoring, a question about evolution, Education wrap, quizzes and more


Yarnupings August 2012

Yarnupings AHO August 2012 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 5 August 2012
Vandalism, a look at anthropology, Geoff’s work in the field, and more

Yarnupings July 2012

Yarnupings Issue 4 July 2013
Archaeology and prejudice, a welcome to Jimmy, insights from the interns, Aboriginal canoes and more


Yarnupings June 2012

Yarnupings AHO June 2012 Newsletter

Yarnupings Issue 3 June 2012
A visit to Byrock waterhole, archaeology and climate change, tracks and tracking, movie review and more

Yarnupings March 2010

Newsletter 2010 March – Email version
10 year anniversary, heritage rangers around the world, inside the AHO museum, our volunteer program and more